First Innenwald Anniversary

First Innenwald Anniversary

First Anniversary Of The Inner Forest

About a year ago, in April 2020, an Inner Forest emerged on a painting in my pochade box. From the first artwork, to exhibitions, workshops and more – the Inner Forest has been growing ever since. This month, we celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the Innenwald.

One Year Innenwald – A Timeline

April 2020
The Discovery Of The Inner Forest
Innenwald discovery in the pochade box - One Year Anniversary Time Line

The pochade box is a little portable art studio, meant to be carried outdoors for painting in nature. In the spring of 2020, I started using the box at home, unable to work outdoors and in the studio due to the pandemic. This is where I discovered the Inner Forest. The first Inner Forest painting emerged from feelings of nostalgia. I was longing to reconnect with nature, and began to express my inner world of forest greens and mysteries, which I called the Innenwald.

The Meaning Of Innenwald

Innenwald (Inner Forest) is a combination of the German words Innenwelt (Inner World) and Wald (Forest). I created this word, in order to describe the concept of bringing the forest indoors. At the same time, it can also mean, to discover a forest – of thoughts, feelings and memories perhaps – inside yourself.

June 2020
Innenwald Debut
Artist Bookshelf Exhibition: Debut of the Innenwald

The Innenwald debut took place during the Artist Bookshelf Exhibition at Minnano Gallery in Tokyo Ueno. For the exhibition, I created a bookshelf installation with a forest theme. My bookshelf with the title Innenwald invited the audience to travel through a metaphorical landscape – an indoor forest that grows inside a bookshelf, in the form of paintings, ceramics and other artworks.
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July 2020
Indoor Forest Bathing
Indoor Forest Bathing

The practice of Forest Bathing, also called Shinrin-Yoku in Japanese, is a form of nature therapy. Through mindful breathing, the practitioner can connect with the atmosphere of the forest, and find a state of inner peace and relaxation. The idea of Indoor Forest Bathing was born out of the travel restrictions of the pandemic. I wanted to create a Forest Bathing experience indoors, to help people re-connect with nature, through aroma blends and soundscapes.

3 Innenwald Room Fragrances
Aroma Landscapes

I created  3 original aroma essential oil blends that represented the forest air in the morning, at noon and in the evening. The aroma essential oils where can be used in an aroma diffuser, in order to create an aromatic atmosphere in the room. 

Recording part of a forest soundscape
Forest Sound Bath

I created a sound bath from nature sounds that I had recorded over the past few years in various places in Japan. These sounds included birds from the primeval forest in Nara, as well as rain and thunderstorms from the city. These audio recordings were mixed with relaxing soundscape compositions that I produced on my computer and iPad.

Early September 2020
Inner Forest Sanctuary Exhibition
Inner Forest Sanctuary Exhibition

The Innenwald continued to grow during the Inner Forest Sanctuary Exhibition, in the form of a Pop-Up Studio, Shop Space, Painting Installation and Indoor Forest Bathing experience.
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Mid September 2020
Innenwald Workshop
Innenwald Workshop - One Year Anniversary Time Line

During the Inner Forest Sanctuary Exhibition, I offered a series of Intuitive Painting Workshops, inspired by Indoor Forest Bathing. The Innenwald Workshops have been continuing ever since, and are now centred around my intuitive painting method, called the Innenwald Method©, which is based on crossmodal perception.
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October 2020
Innenwald Video Game
Innenwald Video Game

The Innenwald Video Game is a virtual journey through the Innenwald, the Inner Forest. It was developed by my partner as a surprise for the Inner Forest Sanctuary Finissage. The game captures the atmosphere of the Innenwald and is based on conversations about the Inner Forest, art and cosmology. We are currently developing the game further together, and plan to release it in the near future.
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March 2021
Spring Healing Exhibition
Spring Healing Exhibition

During the Spring Healing at Tokyo Art Studio in Tokyo Minami-Azabu, I exhibited Innenwald-inspired paintings, and created another Indoor Forest Bathing Experience.
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Growing the Innenwald

This month, the Inner Forest friends were celebrating the 1st Innenwald Anniversary. You can help the continuos growth of the Innenwald, by becoming an Innenwald Art Collector. Paintings, ceramics and other Innenwald-inspired works are available in my Online Shop. Thank you for your support!

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