Inner Forest Sanctuary

The Inner Forest Sanctuary Exhibition

After the Artist Bookshelf Exhibition in July, I was invited by the gallery to create a new project, based on the Innenwald Bookshelf that I had exhibited. The Innenwald Bookshelf has been refreshed and is now part of my new project: Inner Forest Sanctuary. 

The Inner Forest Sanctuary exhibition is held until the end of September at Minnano Gallery in Tokyo Ueno.

Update: The exhibition period has been extended until October 17th.

Inner Forest Sanctuary, exhibition view
Inner Forest Sanctuary exhibition view

Exhibition Theme

The Inner Forest Sanctuary Project consists of 3 parts:

Inner Forest Sanctuary, Pop-Up Studio
A Pop-Up Studio

I have brought art supplies, furniture, tools and other items from my studio to the gallery’s exhibition space. During the exhibition, I will be working in the Pop-Up Studio to create new artworks and welcome the visitors.

Inner Forest Sanctuary, Shop
A Shop

The former Innenwald Bookshelf from the Artist Bookshelf exhibition has been turned into a shop, where visitors can buy ceramics, paintings and additionally, my original aroma essential oil blends for Indoor Forest Bathing*.

Inner Forest Sanctuary, Painting Installation
A Painting Installation

In this art installation, I have arranged a series of Waldluft (Forest Air) paintings. Visitors can have a seat and relax in front of the artwork, which resembles an abstract version of the Innenwald and forest atmosphere.

*The Indoor Forest Bathing experience is produced with 3 aroma oil blends that I created to reflect the Inner Forest Atmosphere. The gallery was kind enough to purchase an aroma oil diffuser, so that visitors can enjoy the fragrance upon entering the space.

The Meaning Of Innenwald

Innenwald (Inner Forest) is a combination of the German words Innenwelt (Inner World) and Wald (Forest). I created this word, to describe the concept of bringing the forest indoors. At the same time, it can also mean, to discover a forest – of thoughts, feelings and memories perhaps – inside yourself.


Updated Pop-Up Studio
Pop-Up Studio

The Pop-Up Studio has changed over the course of the exhibition. I displayed some sketches on the walls, which I had made during the exhibition. The studio also became gradually more messy over time.

Innenwald Workshop
Innenwald Workshop

While working in the Pop-Up Studio, I had the idea of giving an art workshop, so that people could experience both Indoor Forest Bathing and Intuitive Painting. As a result, I created the Innenwald Workshop. We held a total of 5 workshops during the exhibition.

Update: You can read more about the Innenwald Workshops on this page.

Inner Forest Sanctuary (Gallery View)
Inner Forest Sanctuary, gallery view
The Inner Forest Sanctuary exhibition at Minnano Gallery

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