Of Forests, Mountains and Impermanence

Art by Sonja Kanno


Sonja Kanno is a German Painter, Ceramist & Media Artist, living and working in Japan.

Kanno’s work is deeply inspired by the transitoriness of nature, such as the seasonal color change of the foliage and the transforming shapes of mountains and valleys over time...

Upcoming Events

  • event-artfair
    WHAAAAAT’S Contemporary Art Fair

    May 7 - 9 | Taipei, TAIWAN

Original Paintings & Ceramic Works
by Sonja Kanno

Innenwald Workshop

A Guided Intuitive Painting Session

with Sonja Kanno

Discover Your Creativity through Intuitive Painting, inspired by Japanese Nature. We practice Indoor Forest Bathing with the help of Sound Baths and Aromatherapy and let the sounds and fragrances guide us on our Creative Journey.


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