Of Forests, Mountains and Impermanence...

Sonja Kanno is a German painter, ceramist and media artist, living and working in Japan. Kanno’s art is deeply influenced by the ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which is rooted in Zen Buddhism. Wabi-sabi sees beauty in the humble and simple (wabi), in imperfections, spontaneous irregularities, the rustic and weathered (sabi), and in the impermanent nature of life: the fleeting moment, the changes in nature through the seasons, the natural cycle of growth and decay.

Text: Edited by Mitzi Paap, BA

Artist Biography

Sonja Kanno was born 1982 in Germany.
Since 2011, she has been living in Tokyo, Japan.

Kanno is fascinated by the transitory character of impermanent environments, which she captures in her abstract paintings and - most recently - in ceramic objects. She has previously collaborated with artists in different media, such as performance, installation and interactive art. Kanno holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Hanze University Groningen, The Netherlands, where she graduated cum laude. Her artwork has been exhibited at galleries, art fairs and in public spaces.

In 2020, Sonja Kanno founded the Innenwald Project: a multidisciplinary art project that helps others to reconnect with nature and creativity, through Indoor Forest Bathing and Intuitive Art Workshops.

Artist Statement

"With an exploratory curiosity, I investigate the nature of Impermanent Environments."

About Painting

"The medium of painting – the infinite ways layers and transparencies can be used – is the perfect means for me to convey and capture a state of transitoriness. By alternating translucent glazes with opaque layers of paint, I construct an interplay of elusive surfaces."

"The painting process itself mirrors my experience of the nature of impermanence. It is an elementary process that arises from a state of present observations, experiences and feelings. Layer upon layer, the painting is transforming into an abstract composition, which can be seen as an expression of the transitory nature of the present moment - an inner landscape of fleeting thoughts, feelings and memories."


"My artworks express an Inner Landscape of fleeting thoughts, feelings and memories."

About Ceramic Art

"My ceramic objects, sculpted from malleable clay and fired into static permanence, are still able to convey the sense of transitoriness through the colors and texture of their surface. Ceramic vessels serve as an archive for nature, holding selected pieces of the forests and gardens - such as leaves, dried flowers and aroma essences. Other objects are reminiscent of excursions through the infinite green. They tell the stories of past explorations and discoveries."

"Daily objects such as tea bowls and vases express the sense of permanence, while the colors and texture of the ceramic surface reflect impressions of the changing natural environment and of the changing nature of self."


"The Journey through Japanese Nature, with its infinite colors of green and its forest sounds and aromas, provides an endless source of inspiration."

About the Innenwald Project

"Innenwald is a combination of the German words Innenwelt (Inner World) and Wald (Forest or Woods). It can be translated into English as Inner Forest, Indoor Forest or Forest Within. I created this word, to describe the metaphorical forest of thoughts, feelings and memories that lives inside of us. To some, this is a place of shadows and mystery. To others, it can be a place of insight and inner peace."

"The Innenwald Project is aimed at people who wish to reconnect with nature and (re-)discover their own creativity. The project is centred around Indoor Forest Bathing - with the help of soundscapes, aromatherapy and visual art - and a series of Intuitive Art Workshops according to the Innenwald Method©."


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