Intuitive Painting Workshops

with Sonja Kanno

In these workshops, we discover our Creativity through Intuitive Painting - Inspired by Japanese Nature


The Innenwald Workshop

The Innenwald Workshop is aimed at people who wish to (re-)discover their creativity and reconnect with nature in an artistic environment and guided painting session. We practice Indoor Forest Bathing - with the help of sound baths and aromatherapy - and let the sounds and fragrances guide us on our Creative Journey.

What You Will Experience

  • Indoor Forest Bathing

    With original soundscapes and aroma blends, created by Sonja Kanno

  • Creative Perception

    We learn to translate our perception of sound & smell into colors, shapes & compositions on paper, according to the Innenwald Method©️

  • Painting Techniques

    We learn how to use painting materials & techniques to create intuitive color palettes & expressive compositions

  • Your Creative Journey

    We look inwards, to find those inner landscapes and learn how to express them freely on paper

  • The Innenwald

    We discover the Innenwald (Inner Forest) as source of our inspiration


What is Innenwald


Innenwald is a combination of the German words Innenwelt (Inner World) and Wald (Forest or Woods). It can be translated into English as Inner Forest, Indoor Forest or Forest Within. The artist Sonja Kanno has created this word, in order to describe the metaphorical forest of thoughts, feelings and memories that lives inside of us. To some, this is a place of shadows and mystery. To others, it can be a place of insight and inner peace.


Your Inner Forest Guide

“Hello, I’m Sonja. And during this workshop, I’ll be your personal guide through your Inner Forest. I will help you find your artistic voice and show you how to turn your perception and intuition into soulful paintings. Let’s start your Creative Journey through the Innenwald!”

Sonja Kanno is a German painter, ceramist, media artist, and creator of the Innenwald Method©. She received her Master’s Degree of Fine Arts in 2010 while living in the Netherlands. For the last decade, Sonja has been working in the creative industry in Japan. She enjoys teaching her unique process to both beginners and experienced artists alike.

The Innenwald Method©

The Innenwald Method© is based on crossmodal perception: a cognitive process that intuitively associates sounds and smells with colors and shapes, for example. This process can be utilized as a catalyst for creativity. The Innenwald Method© uses Sonja Kanno's unique practice of Indoor Forest Bathing as source for sensory associations. Forest inspired soundscapes and aromas are mindfully observed and through guided exercises, expressed in intuitive painting compositions. The resulting compositions can range from abstract interpretations to figurative images, channeling the practitioner’s emotions, thoughts and memories.

What Participants Say

Good Experience

“It was a good experience for me. I enjoyed it so much.”



“It became a great meditation time. I want to do it again.”



“At first I was not sure if I wanted to paint, but then I dove right in. I enjoyed the workshop.”



“It was a really creative workshop. Like a new way of meditation.”

Yo M.

For Sharing

“It was a good opportunity for communication and sharing.”



“The workshop was interesting. I could play like a child. It made me feel comfortable.”


Past Workshops


  • Who Can Participate

    The workshop is suitable for beginners and experienced artists, who wish to participate in a guided painting session inspired by nature.

  • What To Bring

    We work with artist grade acrylic paints and other materials. The materials are included in the participation fee and will be provided to you during the workshop.
    ▶︎ Please bring an apron or old shirt to protect your clothing from paint stains
    ▶︎ Please bring your own hand towel

  • People With Sensitivities and Allergies

    During the workshop, we will be using natural essential oils in an aroma diffuser. If you are sensitive to fragrances, or have allergies, please refrain from participation.