Indoor Forest Bathing

An Immersive Indoor Forest Ambience

An Immersive Forest Ambience Is Brought To Life Indoors Through A Combination Of Visual Art, Aroma Compositions, And Soundscapes.


How it works

Shinrin-Yoku, also known as Forest Bathing, is a traditional Japanese practice that emphasizes the connection between humans and nature. This practice involves using all five senses to immerse oneself in a natural environment such as a forest to promote mindfulness. In 2020, travel restrictions related to the pandemic inspired Sonja Kanno to develop an interactive art installation that provides the experience of forest bathing in indoor spaces in Tokyo. This sensory installation combines art, aroma compositions, and soundscapes for an immersive experience. Although the installation can be customized to fit any indoor space, it was primarily displayed to the public during gallery exhibitions. The Indoor Forest Bathing installation is part of Sonja Kanno's Innenwald project.

The 3 Elements Of Indoor Forest Bathing


Visual Art

An art installation is created with visual art, such as paintings, sculptures, videos, or video games for example.


Aroma Compositions

Original aroma essential oil blends are used to create a forest air fragrance indoors.



Original soundscapes are played on speakers to create a tranquil audio experience.

Indoor Forest Bathing

A forest atmosphere is recreated indoors through visual art, aroma compositions and soundscapes.

Title: Indoor Forest Bathing
Dimensions: Variable
Medium: Room fragrances and diffuser, speaker, audio, selected artworks
Year: 2020 - present


What is Innenwald


Innenwald is a combination of the German words Innenwelt (Inner World) and Wald (Forest or Woods). It can be translated into English as Inner Forest, Indoor Forest, or Forest Within. The artist Sonja Kanno has created this word, to describe the metaphorical forest of thoughts, feelings, and memories that lives inside of us. To some, this is a place of shadows and mystery. To others, it can be a place of insight and inner peace.


The Innenwald Project

Created in 2020 by Sonja Kanno, the Innenwald project is a collection of artworks and art projects, including Indoor Forest Bathing with original aroma compositions and soundscapes, as well as art installations, interactive media art, paintings, and workshops.