Innenwald Video Game

A Journey Through The Inner Forest

Take A Virtual Walk Through the Inner Forest and Discover the World of Innenwald


About the game

The Innenwald video game, created by Sonja and Hideki Kanno in 2020, features a unique video game experience that is displayed during exhibitions as an interactive video installation. The audience can use a controller connected to a PC or Mac to play the game and immerse themselves in the Innenwald (Inner Forest), a world imagined by Sonja Kanno. The avatar in the game is based on the artist herself. The player can guide the avatar through a cosmic labyrinth, leading to various hidden spaces like gardens, forests, and cosmic portals. Although the game has no specific goal, it serves as a form of meditation and an opportunity to look inwards and escape into another world.

Innenwald Video Game

An interactive video game installation invites the player on a virtual journey through the Innenwald (Inner Forest).

Title: Innenwald Video Game
Dimensions: Variable
Medium: PC/Mac, controller, beamer, video game app
Year: 2020

In collaboration with Hideki Kanno
Minnano Gallery, Tokyo, JAPAN

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What is Innenwald


Innenwald is a combination of the German words Innenwelt (Inner World) and Wald (Forest or Woods). It can be translated into English as Inner Forest, Indoor Forest, or Forest Within. The artist Sonja Kanno has created this word, to describe the metaphorical forest of thoughts, feelings, and memories that lives inside of us. To some, this is a place of shadows and mystery. To others, it can be a place of insight and inner peace.


The Innenwald Project

Created in 2020 by Sonja Kanno, the Innenwald project is a collection of artworks and art projects, including Indoor Forest Bathing with original aroma compositions and soundscapes, as well as art installations, interactive media art, paintings, and workshops.