Media Art


The Medium of Painting is transformed into an Interactive Artwork with the help of Augmented Reality


How it works

"By exploring and applying Augmented Reality technologies, Kanno’s paintings are transformed into interactive artworks. In 2016, the artist has developed an app that can be downloaded by the audience on a tablet computer or smart phone. By using this app, the audience views the painting through the screen of their device, on which an impermanent layer of the painting appears, in the form of a responsive animation."

The Secret World of Abstract Botany

Through Augmented Reality, the plants of a Japanese temple garden emerge on the canvas of an abstract painting.

2017 • In collaboration with Hideki Kanno
Minnano Gallery, Tokyo, JAPAN

An Analysis of Atmospheres

Clouds and pieces of abstract landscapes move over the surface of a painting, with the help of Augmented Reality.

2016 • In collaboration with Hideki Kanno
Gallery M. Hua Lang / M畫廊, Taipei, TAIWAN

Media Art


A laser-engraved Plant Tag unlocks a virtual Weather Atmosphere for house plants


How it works

Secret Botany is an Augmented Reality art project by Sonja and Hideki Kanno. In 2017, the artists created an app that unlocks a virtual weather atmosphere for house plants. When viewing a plant with an attached Secret Botany plant tag, atmospheric events such as clouds, snow or sunshine, appear on the screen of the mobile device. While using the Secret Botany app, the plant is surrounded by a virtual weather atmosphere.

Secret Botany Plant Tags

Through Augmented Reality, tagged house plants are surrounded with a virtual weather atmosphere.

2017 • In collaboration with Hideki Kanno
Minnano Gallery, Tokyo, JAPAN